Agosto 10, 2017 Noticias


Last Wednesday we received “The Performers”, an international theater company that presented two different plays in our school.

The first one was “Big Eye”, which was performed for students from Pre-kinder to 3rd grade.

Big Eye is a famous detective and scientist who uses his scientific knowledge and special chemical formulas to solve mysterious cases. The adventure begins when Dr. Genius, a jealous colleague, tries to steal the formulas and become the Number One detective himself.

The second one was “Moriarty” for students from 4th to 7th grade.

Moriarty, the evil scientist, has finally discovered a way to get rid of his legendary rival, the famous detective Sherlock Holmes. His niece Irene helps him to persuade Holmes into accepting an apparently innocent dinner invitation. We hope you’ll enjoy this rich comedy full of surprises and adventure; a story where real identities are yet to be discovered.

We all enjoyed the stories, lights and music.

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